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Vital sensors

From sensor to database, we have the appropriate solution.

With the advance of digitalisation in health care, not only informations
gathered by hospital staff gets digitized, but also vital data can be
directly captured using so called "wearables".

Some of the sensors originally designed for the consumer segment
nowadays offer reliable measurements of vital data (e. g. heart rate,
blood pressure, body temperature, physical activity) suitable for
professional use.

We at ReliaTec accomplished to read out data from different BLE
(blootooth low energy) sensors via our ReliaMed(C) smartphone app and to
push them into our ReliaMed(C) web application for visualisation and
further analysis.

We make these data usable for you and bring them into your systems.

Your advantage:

  • commercially available and low-cost vital sensors
  • transparent data transfer into you pre-existing data base system

We are also happy to provide you with a custom software framework
targeted to your clinic or study (e. g. smartphone app, web application
including database) for user-friendly data capture and/or data analysis
(see custom software development).

Use of open BLE standards

The Bluetooth Low Energy protocol (BLE, aka Bluetooth Smart) is designed
to lower the devices' energy consumption and thus provide a longer
battery runtime.

We prefer sensors working with BLE making use of the GATT-Spezifikation. The GATT specification offers a number of pre-defined profiles, e. g. the health device profile (HDP Health-Device-Profil) , and services with attributes, e. g. the blood pressure service (BPS Blood-Pressure-Service) .

This ensures a transparent, standardized, and independent access to the
sensor device and the collected data, preventing vendor lock in, or data
protection breaches.